You'll need:

- a bottle (I used a cider bottle)
- flat wood offcuts
- screws
- 12mm (or thereabouts) drill bit
- rubber "tree tie" (or you could use wire)
- dremel and diamond bit
- bird food

Use the dremel (under water) to cut a small gateway into the lip of the bottle, make sure you don't leave sharp edges. Assemble your wood offcuts so that you have a tray and a back - saw if necessary. Drill three large holes into your back bit - two to hold the tree tie, one to hang. Screw all the bits together, fill bottle with bird feed, use tree tie to secure it...and there you are.

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    The "Take a Bottle" project is, essentially, an combination of a) my "Follies for Follies" project, which got me into whimsical work, c) recycling and preserving the planet, d) a general tendency to tinker, and e) an ever-existing quest to make glass accessible to a wide variety of people. The concept is simple - taking existing glass (it doesn't have to be a bottle, of course), and turn it into something else. While I am mainly running this project for my own amusement, I am very happy to run workshops on glass recycling and crafting with glass. If you do any of the projects, I'd love to see your results! Email me at sabine [you know what goes here] sabinelittle.com

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