I've seen a few "Fairies in a Jar" projects around, and thought I'd adapt them for the bottle project. I'm not really a "fairies" kind of person, if your child at home isn't, either, just make a "magic potion" bottle instead, you can always write a spell on ancient parchment to go with it. Don't forget to decide what the magic potion will do...the possibilities are endless. :) 

You'll need:

- a bottle (including a way to close it securely, i.e. cork or screw cap)
- a glow stick (look for non-toxic ones)
- a sharp knife of scissors
- glitter or seed beads


Clean and dry the bottle. Break and shake the glow stick, then carefully cut it open and pour the glowing mixture into the bottle. Add glitter or small seed beads and close securely. Shake to distribute - the bottle will glow the most while liquid clings to the sides, as it runs down, the glow will dim and pool at the bottom - so just re-shake to wake the fairies up.

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    The "Take a Bottle" project is, essentially, an combination of a) my "Follies for Follies" project, which got me into whimsical work, c) recycling and preserving the planet, d) a general tendency to tinker, and e) an ever-existing quest to make glass accessible to a wide variety of people. The concept is simple - taking existing glass (it doesn't have to be a bottle, of course), and turn it into something else. While I am mainly running this project for my own amusement, I am very happy to run workshops on glass recycling and crafting with glass. If you do any of the projects, I'd love to see your results! Email me at sabine [you know what goes here] sabinelittle.com

    DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for the success of your projects, or any injury or harm resulting from you following them, including, but not limited to, the handling of glass, tools, etc.!


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