Did you miss me? We'll take the term "week" loosely, shall we? Beware, there will be a fair number of kids' experiments coming, it *is* the summer holidays, after all!

You'll need:

- a bottle (I used a whiskey bottle, simply because it was there)
- vegetable oil
- food colouring
- water

Fill the bottle about a third with vegetable oil. Add food colouring, then water to the near top. Wait for oil and water to separate. Hand to small child for experimenting with making waves, and discovering that oil and water are two liquids that won't mix (tip: gentle slanting will make prettier waves than random shaking).

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    The "Take a Bottle" project is, essentially, an combination of a) my "Follies for Follies" project, which got me into whimsical work, c) recycling and preserving the planet, d) a general tendency to tinker, and e) an ever-existing quest to make glass accessible to a wide variety of people. The concept is simple - taking existing glass (it doesn't have to be a bottle, of course), and turn it into something else. While I am mainly running this project for my own amusement, I am very happy to run workshops on glass recycling and crafting with glass. If you do any of the projects, I'd love to see your results! Email me at sabine [you know what goes here] sabinelittle.com

    DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for the success of your projects, or any injury or harm resulting from you following them, including, but not limited to, the handling of glass, tools, etc.!


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