You'll need:

- bottle (I used a round, flat wine bottle - the bigger the opening, the easier your job)
- soil (I used dried pellets and soaked them in the bottle)
- plants suitable for bottle gardens (I used thyme and ivy)
- pebbles or similar (optional)
- lego figure (definitely optional!)
- water
- wooden kebab sticks or other long, poky things
- kitchen towels

Insert soil (in my case, dry pellets broken free from netting), and water (if using pellets - you'll need less than you think!). Divide plants to the point that they can be inserted into bottle, then abuse the poor things by squishing and prodding them as gently as possible......once in, use kebab sticks (gently bend them if necessary) to 'fluff up' plants and get roots into soil. Insert pebbles and arrange.  If necessary, let water run gently down the inside of bottle to wash away dirt, then wrap a kebab stick into kitchen towels to soak up excess via capillary action. A lego figure will fit into a standard wine bottle opening with arms raised and a good squish (explain to your child in advance that the lego figure will have to live in the garden indefinitely *before* inserted ;) ).

Jars work, too, of course!!

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    The "Take a Bottle" project is, essentially, an combination of a) my "Follies for Follies" project, which got me into whimsical work, c) recycling and preserving the planet, d) a general tendency to tinker, and e) an ever-existing quest to make glass accessible to a wide variety of people. The concept is simple - taking existing glass (it doesn't have to be a bottle, of course), and turn it into something else. While I am mainly running this project for my own amusement, I am very happy to run workshops on glass recycling and crafting with glass. If you do any of the projects, I'd love to see your results! Email me at sabine [you know what goes here] sabinelittle.com

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