You'll need:

- Sauce bottle (I used a Thai Sweet Chili Sauce bottle...or rather, three of them)
- Diamond wheel wet tile saw (and associated safety gear!!)
- Grinder (or wet'n'dry sandpaper)

...and for Part B of the experiment:

- white flowers
- food colouring
- water
- patience!

This week's bottle project actually got started on Monday, when three thai sweet chili sauce bottles had an appointment with a wet tile saw. Chopping the top off turned them into small flower vases quickly (two ended up perfectly smooth, the third needed a spot of grinding to get rid of little chips). Then, we decided on an additional experiment......making flowers change colour! So, three white carnations and three lots of food colouring later, we took our first picture.

Twenty-four hours later (well, earlier, really, but this picture is from 24 hours later), we could tell a distinct change in the colour of the top of the bud in the red carnation, but decided that yellow and green were possibly too close to the actual leaf colour to make any difference....sadly, apart from a *very* slight pinkish hue, the actual petals didn't want to play. So...

...after 48 hours, we added some white tulips.

...which did the trick. Still hard to see on green and yellow (possibly not helped by the minty background!) the tulip in the red food colouring was definitely turning red). So, this was at 72 hours for carnations, 24 hours for tulips. Interestingly...

...another 24 hours later, the three tulips had also "matured" in very different ways! The one in the green water had opened fully, the one in yellow had died, and the red one was redder still, and hardly changed shape. Odd! At this point, we decided to finish our experiment. But it did work.....kind of!

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    The "Take a Bottle" project is, essentially, an combination of a) my "Follies for Follies" project, which got me into whimsical work, c) recycling and preserving the planet, d) a general tendency to tinker, and e) an ever-existing quest to make glass accessible to a wide variety of people. The concept is simple - taking existing glass (it doesn't have to be a bottle, of course), and turn it into something else. While I am mainly running this project for my own amusement, I am very happy to run workshops on glass recycling and crafting with glass. If you do any of the projects, I'd love to see your results! Email me at sabine [you know what goes here] sabinelittle.com

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