You'll need:

- Jack Daniels bottle (or other)
- soy wax flakes
- old microwaveable plastic container (I re-used a soup one, from a bought soup)
- wick
- superglue
- microwave
- wet tile saw
- grinder or wet'n'dry sandpaper
- sandblaster (optional)
- skewers
- decoration

Chop the top of the Jack Daniels bottle off with the wet tile saw, grind any rough edges if necessary. Clean and dry. Use sandblaster to sandblast the bottle (I'll admit it, I wanted to make a pretty pattern, and the sticker came off, hence the overall matte look). Clean and dry. Affix wick to centre of bottle with superglue, then find a way to keep it centred (I drilled a hole into a lollipop stick with a dremel, but you can put a skewer through it, or lay a cross out of skewers, anything to keep it in the middle). Microwave wax flakes (I did several thirty second stints, to be on the safe side, I had the desired consistency after about 4 minutes total, in a 750W microwave, I stopped when nearly all wax was liquid, with the odd one still solid). Remove from microwave and use a skewer to stir and melt in any remaining solid wax flakes, then pour. Leave to set for several hours, then trim wick and decorate.

Silk ribbon by http://www.sowzeredesigns.com

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